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There are literally thousands of people whose lives have been positively impacted by Control snacks. Below are a few of our success stories from patients and physicians who have been gracious enough to share their experiences with us and with you.

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“My patients love Control snacks! They enjoy the convenience of a healthy snack as well as the wide variety. With the help of Control snacks my patients are able to curb hunger and control blood sugar." - Joy Elias Suskin M.S., Clinical Nutritionist, Long Island, NY

"The weight loss program that I am director of involves the use of prescription appetite suppressants, vitamin B-12 shots and dietary guidelines, which focuses on low fat and low sugar content. I have found the Control Bars to be extremely popular with my patients as it gives them a great tasting snack or meal replacement that is very filling, but not loaded in sugar or carbs. I love having these snacks available to my patients as nutritious, good tasting bars. They are a real help in enabling them to achieve their weight loss goals" - Phyllis Brown, CRNP, Baltimore, MD

“I have been using Control products for nearly a year now in my practice and I have seen how great they work as part of a weight loss program. Control snacks are quality products that taste great, offer variety, and most importantly WORK! I would recommend Control snacks to any one of my patients, friends, or family members. I use them myself and love them!” - Christopher P. Clautti, D.C., Youngstown, OH

“We have been utilizing Control snacks with our patients for several years and it has been the “answer” for many of our patients who struggle with getting adequate protein. Not only is there great nutritional value, but the products taste great!” - Coleen Andruss, MD, St. George, UT

"Control snacks have provided a high protein, low glycemic load, flavorful snack that our patients enjoy eating. Compared to other campany's snacks, these snacks taste delicious and do control hunger." - Dr. Marcela Dominguez, Mission Viego, CA


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